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Subway Wireless 


Advised a UK subway operator on the rollout of 5G, 4G and WiFi connectivity at stations, platforms and tunnels.

Subsea Business Plan

Developed a business plan for an investor seeking to understand the commercial case to deploy subsea fibre connectivity connecting Scotland to Europe.

5G Small Cell Strategy

Advised a wireless neutral host infrastructure provider in on its 5G small-cell roll out strategy

Vendor Due Diligence


Supported a mobile operator in Malawi to raise funding to extend its network reach through the roll out of a countrywide 4G network

Rural TowerCo Business Plan

Developed a business plan for an investor looking to form an independent TowerCo to support the provision of 4G connectivity to rural communities in Papua New Guinea

Full Fibre Connectivity

 Supported a significant local authority on a landmark anchor tenancy initiative to attract significant full fibre investment with out the need for public subsidy.

IoT Social Housing

Supported a social housing provider to procure a LoRaWAN network, sensors and platform to detect dampness in dwellings  

Market entry strategy

Developed a market entry strategy for a technology spin out from a European academic technology institute developing a unique broadband speed test methodology  

5G Paper

·        Published a paper for the International Telecommunications Union on the challenges and opportunities of deploying 5G networks.

5G City 

Advised a significant top 5 UK City Authority on the implementation of its 5G strategy facilitating extensive market engagement and advising on the new Electronic Communications Code

Trackside Wireless Connectivity

We advised a significant UK metro operator on the provision of enhanced trackside wireless connectivity to improve passenger experience.

Financing Rural 4G Towers


Advised an international development bank on the financing of mobile towers to provide 4G connectivity to rural areas of Lesotho  

Smart City

Advised a significant local authority on a digital infrastructure strategy to deliver a multimillion pound investment in fibre connectivity, 5G and IoT 

City Lights
Mobile Online Shopper

5G use cases 

Supported a local authority to develop 5G use cases and attract private sector investment in 5G networks  

Wireless Policy

Published  paper for the Scottish Government on the future of WiFi and 5G in towns and cities

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