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Our Experience

Our international client base respects us for the exceptional quality of our work, independence and agility


This means that you can have confidence in the quality of our work

Our expertise extends across various business sectors, including the public sector, the private sector, smart cities, marketing, and finance, amongst others.
Our approaches have already been implemented by close to thirty different organisations operating independently.

Due Diligence

Options Appraisal

For a significant public body developed we developed options and a preferred way forward following a
significant delay to the implementation of a major ICT Contract

Sustainable Smart City Planning


The client was instructed by
political leaders and by
delayed implementation to
assess its options with regards
to the project and its future

Digital Infrastructure for Economic Development


Our client is a significant devolved UK public administration that was midway through a major ICT project

Telecom and Broadband Investment Analysis


We undertook a high-level
options appraisal and provided
political leaders a preferred
way forward following
extensive stakeholder research
and analysis

Market Strategy

Market Growth Strategy

Intelligens Consulting advised a fibre altnet on its UK Market penetration and expansion strategy

Digital Infrastructure for Economic Development


Our client's ambition was to rollout full fibre connectivity to one million homes by 2025 to areas of low fibre connectivity and identifying potential altnet
acquisition opportunities

Telecom and Broadband Investment Analysis


Our client is a fibre altnet that had secured significant investment commitment allowing a potential capital
raise of GBP 300 million

Future-Proof Digital Networks Consulting


Our study provided a market growth strategy to aid our client's ambition identifying the
largest contiguous target markets with the lowest fibre availability and identifying acquisitions opportunities

Technical Strategy

Copper Switch-Off Strategy

Intelligens Consulting advised a significant UK transport authority and critical national infrastructure operator on its Copper Switch off strategy

Fiber Optic Network Expansion Strategy


The retirement of copper presents a challenge to our client as PSTN and ISDN lines will need to migrate to alternative IP based solutions by December 2025 to continue operations.

Telecommunications Strategy for Urban Areas


Openreach is retiring its aging, legacy copper telephony network commencing with the switch-off of PSTN and ISDN
services by December 2025

Public Sector Network Security Consulting


We were commissioned to develop a copper switch off strategy identifying what lessons can be teamed from other CNI operators and what changes are needed to withstand future technology cycles

Smart Cities

IoT Roadmap & Action Plan

Intelligens Consulting advised a UK rural authority on the development of a whole council IoT roadmap and action plan

National Digital Policy Advisory Services


Our client wanted to address the significant financial, economic, social, and environmental challenges facing the council through digital transformation

Metropolitan Digital Network Consulting


Our client was facing difficult decisions facing its budget among rising inflation and energy costs the increasing demand for improved service delivery

Wireless Infrastructure Development Strategies


We developed an IoT roadmap and action plan to support the council's transformation and enable a whole-council transition to adopt smarter ways of working and delivering better services.

Finance & Investment

Investor Due Dilligence

Intelligens Consulting was commissioned to provide investor due diligence for a freeport datacenter provider

High-Speed Internet Access Strategies


The client had developed a business plan for the proposed data centres and fibre network plan to secure extemal investment
and required a third party to review and validate the business plan prior to investor approval

Tech-Driven Urban Renewal Consulting


Our client, a significant telecoms infrastructure provider in the UK market, was looking to build two data centres in a Freeport at a disused steel works; the second site is close to the site of a proposed airport, windfarm, railway line and well-known corporates

Multi-Tenant Connectivity Solutions


An initial review of the business plan was undertaken to highlight and pnoritise any areas requiring further investigation. This was followed by a independent appraisal of the opportunity to the investors which resulted in deal closure

Everything else

Expert Witness

Intelligeås Consulting provided an expert witness to support a tribunal case to resolve a dispute over a major public ICT procurement

Data Infrastructure Modernization Consulting


were instructed as an exert witness to clarify critical technical terminology that formed the basis of the dispute

Smart Education Technology Consulting


Our client, a major legal firm was representing a major IT services firm in a dispute over a procurement exercise

Digital Service Delivery Optimization


We developed an expert witness report within a very short timescale which was  submitted for evidence and provided an expert witness to
stand in court

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