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Smart City, and
Digital Transformation

Intelligens Consulting is a telecoms, digital transformation and smart city management consultant providing technical, strategic and commercial advice to investors, operators and public authorities.

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Intelligens Consulting

Intelligens Consulting's Knowledge Hub provides industry insights, thought leadership and research reports covering a wide range of topics, from fibre, IoT, 5G and smart cities to digital transformation and telecoms regulation.

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"dependable, focused and client-orientated"

Robert Pratten



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Connected Britain 2023

Award Winners

The Intelligens Consulting team won a prestigious award at Connected Britain 2023 for supporting this local authority to attract and accelerate private investment in fibre and is now one of the most connected regions of the UK.

Known for Creating
Smart Connected Places 


Our proven pathway to whole council digital transformation delivers significant cost savings, private investment, improved service delivery, increased productivity and better social impact and economic outcomes 




Business Case

Benefits realisation


Experienced and Respected, Globally 

Experts in strategy, economics, finance and technology

Respected for quality, independence, and flexibility

We have extensive market knowledge and stay up-to-date

Experts in telecoms, smart cities and digital transformation

Clients benefit from experience, skills and networks of our senior executives

Our experience in the telecoms industry enables us to provide insights and advice that are based on real-world experience whether it's undertaking market research, supporting bids for government subsidies, reviewing network and technology strategy, benchmarking competitors, developing social and economic impact analyses, supporting M&A activity or developing scale up and growth strategies

For local authorities and public bodies we deliver whole council outcomes from improving productivity delivering better services while reducing costs, and delivering upon net zero and ESG outcomes through digital transformation

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