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Setting the Scene for 5G: Opportunities & Challenges

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

The report authored by Intelligens Consulting sets out the landscape for ICT policy-makers, national regulatory authorities (NRAs) and operators as 5G technologies move ever closer. 5G has the potential to be transformative for citizens, businesses, governments and economies. Investment is key but there are many factors to take into account before investments can be committed.

This report helps navigate through the issues related to 5G and provides a measured, practical approach to policy-makers looking to make important investment decisions in the months and years ahead. The sixteen key issues presented are essential reading and constitute a powerful embarkation point as we set out to grapple with 5G opportunities and challenges.

This report further helps demystify the hype surrounding 5G, recognizes the great potential of 5G and makes a host of recommendations designed to help policy-makers, regulators and operators work together effectively, both to meet the challenges and to benefit from the many opportunities that this new technology represents. It also recommends that policy-makers improve availability and quality of 4G networks until the case for 5G networks becomes clearer and more compelling

Intelligens Consulting 5G report for ITU
Download • 1.68MB

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