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PRESS RELEASE: Our successful winning spree continues as we announce two more client wins

Our winning spree continues.

Telecoms expert and smart city advisor Intelligens Consulting is celebrating two new client wins in February hot on the heels of a swathe of new wins in December 2021 and January 2022 making Intelligens Consulting the go to telecoms advisor.

Founder and Consulting Director of Intelligens Consulting, Iqbal Singh Bedi said that he is delighted with the news and that this confirms Intelligens Consulting as the go to advisor for telecoms, digital infrastructuire and smart connected places.

The first of the new commissions is to provide an independent review of a government funded IoT project and validate that the commercial partner has met its contracted milestones.

On the first project, telecoms expert Iqbal Singh Bedi said, “IoT will play a significant role in the development of places and local authorities should start to develop their IoT roadmap to benefit from the productivity, efficiency and cost savings that IoT can bring”.

Intelligens Consulting recently published a suite of articles on the benefits of IoT.

The second commission is to support a significant social housing provider that has been approached by a major fibre operator offering to connect all its properties with a low-cost fibre proposition. We will provide an independent assessment of the proposal and test the uniqueness of the commercial proposal.

Consulting Director Bedi said, “working with a major social housing provider to secure affordable fibre connectivity to all its premises is vital to ensure we don’t leave anybody behind”.

Iqbal recently chaired a panel, “Nobody Left Behind: Promoting Digital Inclusion and Participation Across Scotland”.

Intelligens Consulting has advised several local authorities to unlock hundreds of millions of pounds of private investment in fibre, 5G and IoT networks at zero cost to the taxpayer resulting in GBP billions in economic impact and creating smarter connected places.

Our team of technology, strategy, economic, procurement and finance experts can also provide strategic, technical and procurement support, research and economic analysis and we can source private funders to finance the development of digital infrastructure.

Please contact us should you wish to learn more about our approach and anything else discussed in this article.


PRESS RELEASE Our successful winning spree continues in February
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