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PRESS RELEASE: It’s A Double Win-January For Intelligens Consulting

Telecoms expert and smart city advisor Intelligens Consulting is celebrating two new client wins for January hot on the heels of a swathe of new wins in December 2021 making Intelligens Consulting the go to advisor for digital and connected smart places.

Founder and Consulting Director of Intelligens Consulting, Iqbal Singh Bedi said of the first new commissions to support a semi-rural UK council with its smart connected places strategy, “The council’s vision is to use digital technology to improve service provision and to enable its people to grow and prosper. IoT has been at the heart of its digital workplan to improve access to and delivery of services however the approach to date has been uncoordinated resulting in a patchwork of ‘IoT Islands’.”

‘IoT Islands’ is a phenomenon uncovered by Intelligens Consulting in a research study undertaken in 2021 with the findings published in a webinar held in November 2021.

Bedi said that “the purpose of this study is to establish a strategic roadmap for IoT that ties up and coordinates existing smart connectivity initiatives and considers future requirements”.

It is expected that by developing a strategic roadmap for IoT the council will benefit from:

  • maximised public value and efficiency

  • improved service delivery and drives social impact

  • opportunities for growth and innovative use cases.

Speaking of its second new commission to support a local authority to boost the take up of government subsidised gigabit vouchers to rural areas, Bedi said, “Intelligens Consulting will support this client to stimulate market interest to rollout vouchers and to identify options to unlock private investment in gigabit capable digital infrastructure.”

He went on to say, “Lower than average levels of market interest and ‘slow-to-deliver’ government interventions have resulted in less fibre coverage to comparable local authorities.”

Direct interventions are necessary to stimulate the market and help local authorities to realise their full social and economic potential and smart places ambition.

Intelligens Consulting's team of technology, strategy, economic, procurement and finance experts can help design and deliver IoT and smart connected place strategies.

We can also provide strategic, technical and procurement support, research and economic analysis and we can source private funders to finance the development of digital infrastructure.

Please contact us should you wish to learn more about anything discussed in this press release.


Intelligens Consulting is an award-winning telecoms and smart places advisor with a global client base providing investors, operators, and policy makers with technical, strategic, and commercial advice on creating Smart Connected Places and on digital strategy. Founder, Iqbal Singh Bedi has advised the most senior government ministers on telecoms policy and our landmark research has been used to inform the UK House of Commons and the Scottish Government on telecoms policy.

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