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PRESS RELEASE: Data Driven Decision Making Is Essential to Creating Smart Connected Places

Telecoms expert and smart city advisor Intelligens Consulting has developed four-stage data-driven decision-making framework for policy makers and local authority leaders to deliver smart connected places.

The data-driven decision-making framework published in a thought leadership article is based on recent client work and previous research designed to create the foundations of smart connected places for the benefit of citizens and workers while encouraging investment in innovative futureproof digital infrastructure.

Founder and Consulting Director of Intelligens Consulting Iqbal Singh Bedi said, “We are surrounded by technology hype wherever we look pedalled by the industry, government policy, technology indicators and league tables.”

He believes that the very notion of ‘being left behind’ is enough to embarrass decision makers and local authority leaders to invest in digital infrastructure and says, “this can lead to other challenges and missed opportunities.”

According to Bedi, “a pure ‘technology led’ approach to delivering digital infrastructure can be commercially challenging to justify, can result in inefficient network investment and risks being unable to support local authority or citizen needs and social and economic outcomes.”

Intelligens Consulting has developed a four-stage decision making framework that forces policy makers, decision makers and digital leaders to take a considered approach when developing their digital strategy.

“The four-stage decision making framework” according to Bedi, “necessitates top-down thinking, as opposed to a bottom-up, technology led approach, ensuring local authority outcomes and citizen needs are captured.”

Intelligens Consulting has delivered top-down outcomes based connected place strategies for its clients while delivering private sector led investment in innovative and future-proof digital infrastructure creating significant social and economic impact. Its team of technology, strategy, economic, procurement and finance experts can also provide strategic, technical and procurement support, research and economic analysis and we can source private funders t finance the development of digital infrastructure.

You can read the full article here.

Intelligens Consulting is an award-winning telecoms and smart city advisor with a global client base providing investors, operators, and policy makers with technical, strategic, and commercial advice on creating Smart Connected Places and on 5G, IoT and fibre networks. Founder, Iqbal Singh Bedi has advised the most senior government ministers on telecoms policy and our landmark research has been used to inform the UK House of Commons and the Scottish Government on telecoms policy.

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