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BRIEFING NOTE: DSIT 5G Innovation Regions Program

We are delighted to provide a briefing on the key points of the UK Government's upcoming 5G Innovation Regions bid, an exciting opportunity for local authorities to drive digital transformation and economic growth through advanced wireless connectivity.

The 5G Innovation Regions program, led by the Government's DSIT, seeks to establish up to 8-10 innovation regions across the UK, including the Devolved Administrations.

With an allocation of up to GBP 40 million, (estimated up to GBP 3.8 million per local authority) this initiative aims to unlock the potential of 5G technology and advanced wireless connectivity to drive inclusive, competitive, and innovative growth within the digital economy.

Download the briefing note below to understand how Intelligens Consulting can enhance your their bid's competitiveness and maximise your chances of securing funding.

20230801 Briefing Note for DSIT 5G Innovation Region - 2
Download PDF • 49KB

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