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Award winning advisor to unlock investment in digital infrastructure creating smart connected places

PRESS RELEASE: Telecom advisor to unlock investment in digital infrastructure

Award winning telecoms expert and smart city advisor Intelligens Consulting is celebrating a new client win and consulting commission.

The commission is to support a significant UK local authority to stimulate private investment to accelerate the rollout of digital infrastructure helping it to become one of the most smart connected places in the UK.

Lower than UK average levels of full fibre availability and the slow pace of government subsidised initiatives to enhance gigabit connectivity has left many local authorities feeling left behind.

Intelligens Consulting’s Founder and lead adviser Iqbal Singh Bedi said, “Relying on market forces and government interventions alone is no longer an option many local authorities”

Bedi went on to say, “Recognising the significant social and economic impact that investment in digital infrastructure can bring, many local authorities are turning to Intelligens Consulting to help them realise their gigabit and smart place ambition”.

Digital connectivity has been shown to help post Covid-19 recovery here. The social and economic benefits of having ubiquitous gigabit coverage are significant.

Iqbal said, “We have accelerated the rollout of fibre, 5G and IoT connectivity for many local authorities by stimulating the market to make multimillion pound investments creating billions in economic impact.”

According to Bedi, “Many other local authorities have realised that the status quo is not sustainable and chose Intelligens Consulting as their advisor to help them unlock and attract significant investment in fibre, 5G and IoT networks”.

As a result, these clients and their economies stand to be transformed, putting them on a par with global digital trailblazers never thought possible – all because of Intelligens Consulting’s innovative and pioneering methods to unlock private investment in digital infrastructure without the need for public subsidy.

This project seals Intelligens Consulting’s position as a truly leading force in the UK’s digital economy.

Intelligens Consulting's team of technology, strategy, economic, procurement and finance experts can help design and deliver digital inclusion strategies. We can provide strategic, technical and procurement support, research and economic analysis, and create innovative approaches to financing the development of smart connected places.

Please contact us should you wish to learn more about anything discussed in this article.

Intelligens Consulting is an award-winning telecoms and smart city advisor with a global client base providing investors, operators, and policy makers with technical, strategic, and commercial advice on 5G, IoT and fibre networks. Founder, Iqbal Singh Bedi has advised the Prime Minister and Scotland’s First Minister on telecoms policy and our landmark research has been used to inform the House of Commons and the Scottish Government on 5G policy.

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